From 250 Acres to 400 sq ft: Elderly Couple Downsizes to Amazing Little Condo in Sydney

For this significant downsize, designer Nick Gurney worked closely with his clients to design a unique 38m2 small apartment in Sydney that favours accessibility, functionality and storage. A lengthy side by side hallway storage unit and kitchen joinery that extends to a 7m long credenza, expand the utility and storage of the space, whilst demarcated zones that can easily be transformed, ensure that each occupant has the opportunity for privacy and solitude. via Never Too Small on YouTube Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Beauty in ruins: the wonder of abandoned buildings a photo essay

From a derelict Sydney power station to an elegantly decaying Japanese hotel, Brett Patman shares a selection of his Lost Collective images It was like hell on earth; everything coated in red dust and rust. The noise was immense, with steam and chemicals belching from all over at one point I walked into a cloud of ammonia without a respirator. It was a massive nickel refinery and I was there to help shut it down. Id started my career as an apprentice fitter and turner in a hot and dirty workshop in the north Queensland city of Townsville. It was such a shit job every day was stinking hot and we were working on heavy machinery smeared with grease, chemicals …