New York’s Four Seasons Restaurant to close less than a year after reopening

Managing partner says restaurant which opened in 1959 in the Seagram Building but left it in 2016 will close on Tuesday The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York is to close, less than a year after it reopened away from the Seagram Building, the masterpiece of modern architecture which was its home for almost 60 years and which it came to complement as a high point of 20th-century art, style and design. In a statement The architect Philip Johnson was responsible for the dazzling restaurant interior, in which he was often to be found. It was home at various times to art including Blue Poles, the pop artist James Rosenquist. A in Tate Modern in London. The Four Seasons served …

‘Her legacy is incredible’: behind the Shirley Chisholm ‘anti-monument’

An ambitious ode to the first ever black congresswoman is set to launch in Brooklyn in 2020, with the two artists aiming to subvert expectations When it was announced in December that Amanda Williams and first woman to have a public monument in her honor in Brooklyn, and is the first commission in the series commissioned by an upcoming biopic, ran for president, her campaign was underfunded (a budget of $300,000) and she was largely ignored by the Democrats, many of whom wrote her off as a symbolic figure. She received death threats and had to employ a bodyguard. In a 1972 report in the Virginia newspaper Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways