We Asked Kids To Describe Their Dream Houses And Made Them In 3D Then Evaluated Their Worth (16 Pics)

When you were younger, what did your dream home look like? We asked kids between the ages of 4 and 10 to draw us their ideal home, and then we brought those magnificent homes to life through the magic of digital rendering! Each home was then valued by a professional estate agent – and it turns out kids have some pretty pricey imaginations! Check out the super creative drawings and their evaluations: Alya and Zack’s Unicorn Mansion: £5.5 Million Isabella’s Crystal Palace: £4.5 Million Charlie’s Wrestling Ring House: £2.1 Million Berrin’s Underwater Jellyfish Paradise: £35 Million Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Heres What People In The 1900s Predicted Our Homes Would Look Like Today (7 Pics)

Raise your hands if you think that by 2100, we will have flying cars, robots with artificial intelligence, holidays on Mars and utterly intelligent houses. People have been making predictions about what the future would look like for ages. Sadly, they are usually far-fetched or even utopian and society doesn’t seem to keep up with creative wishes. So, are the predictions extremely ambitious or we don’t put enough effort into bringing wild ideas to life? There’s a huge question mark tied to what’s coming in the future. And although cutting-edge technology moves at a fast pace and many ideas that seemed outlandish in the past are more than real nowadays, we shouldn’t be carried away by fantasies because the future …