How severe is overcrowding at some US migrant facilities? Very

Report found that 88 men were held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41 or less than 0.3 sq meters of space for each man

Overcrowding is so severe at some US migrant detention facilities that adult detainees are held in cells where they each have less than 0.3 sq meters of space.

A report released this week showed photographs of detainees pressed against the outermost walls of cells, but to understand the extent of the overcrowding, the Guardian contacted a research agency called Forensic Architecture that is based at the University of London.

The researchers began with a photograph that was included in Tuesdays report about conditions at the Rio Grande detention facility in Texas. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that 88 adult men were being held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41.

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