25 Most Unique Airbnbs Around The World

So there’s absolutely no debate on whether or not most of were counting days until the summer. There’s only one small problem – once the summer comes, everybody starts to panic how can they make the most of it – things to see, places to visit, beaches to lay on, so much to do, so little time. So, if you’re planning your vacation, make sure to check out these amazing Airbnbs around the world, maybe one of them will become your next holiday destination? But before you scroll any further, this list compiled by Bored Panda will most definitely make you want to go on a luxurious vacation, so prepare to get really really excited about your next holiday.


Eco Bamboo Home In Bali

When we think about our dream vacation, most of us imagine Bali – it’s the place where almost everyone wants to got at least once in their lifetime. And, well, you can’t really blame anyone, because once you see that Bali offers Airbnbs like this one, it’s pretty obvious why everybody wants to go there asap. One night at this peaceful place will cost around $227.


Skylodge Adventure Suites In Peru

If you really wish to run away for everything, this Airbnb is perfect for you. Located in the mountains of Peru, this Skylodge lets you spend some very much deserved time alone. One night at this Airbnb costs around $581.


Casa Caracol In Isla Mujeres

It’s impossible to make a list about the coolest Airbnb’s around the world and not mention the iconic Casa Caracol that looks like a house that should belong to Willy Wonka. This unique architectural piece will cost you around $302.


5 Floor Bamboo Palace In Abiansemal, Bali

Unfortunately, this mind-blowing bamboo Airbnb is not available to book for the next few years. But according to Airbnb, this house comes with your own personal maid and you can even book a chef that will cook you food throughout your stay.


Underground Hygge In Orondo

This magical and secluded hobbit Airbnb is perfect for a weekend getaway. According to the host, “This inspired dwelling nestled right into the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge mountainside. Reverently framed by the iconic round doorway, the wondrous views will entrance your imagination and inspire an unforgettable journey. Every nook of this little habitation will warm your sole, every cranny will charm your expedition of repose. Up the pathway, tucked into the earth, an unbelievable adventure awaits!” One night at this magical place will cost two people around $594.


Private Island In Sunny Hvaler, Norway

Sometimes you just get so sick of people, all you need is your own private island. So, if you’re feeling like running away, make sure to check out this Airbnb located in Norway that lets you and 6 of your friends relax in a private island. This perfect getaway does come at a price, of course, and it will cost you around $290 for one night.


Dome Room In The Sacred Valley, Peru

According to the hosts of this Airbnb, “The dome room is located at the base of Apu Pachatusan in a conscious little community called “La Pacha” surrounded by magnificent mountains, 7km from Pisac by car. You’ll love our place because of its gardens, the location, the views. A peaceful place for relaxing in the stillness of nature without sacrificing modern comforts, while discovering the historic hidden treasures of the Andean culture.” One night at this place costs around $33.


The Pavillion Of Flocelliere Castle In France

The castle was first mentioned back in the 11th century, so staying here will definitely let you feel like you’re living in your own kingdom. Of course, this type of experience comes at it’s own price, the castle is suitable for 10 guests and a minimum two night stay at this castle will cost you and your friends around $2,082.


Dog Bark Park Inn B&b In Montana

Who knew you can pay $194, end up staying in a dog house an have an amazing time? Well, owners of the Dog Park Inn definitely knows how to create a one-of-a-kind Airbnb experience.


Secluded Airship In Scotland

Listed as one of the best Airbnb’s around the world, this secluded airship in Scotland offers you a unique experience for €221. According to the owners, here you can “retreat to the deck of this sustainable getaway and gaze at the twinkling constellations under a cosy tartan blanket. AirShip 2 is an iconic, insulated aluminium pod designed by Roderick James with views of the Sound of Mull from dragonfly windows.”


Snow Igloo In Pelkosenniemi, Finland

Have you ever tried to imagine what it’s like to sleep in an actual snow igloo? Did you know that the inside of an igloo can get was warm as 16 °C (61 °F)? Well,if that doesn’t sound too cold you can try visiting Findland and experiencing sleeping in ice for $792 (along with 5 of your friends.)


Secluded Intown Treehouse In Atlanta

This fairytale Airbnb was listed as Airbnb’s #1 “most wished-for listing worldwide” for two years straight back in 2016 and in 2017. If you wish to sleep in one of the best Airbnb’s around the world, it will cost you and your companion around $450 for one night.


Adobe Dome In The Desert, Terlingua, Texas

This unique Adobe dome not only looks cool, it is also powered by solar power and is located next to Big Bend National Park. One night at this place costs $158.


Bird Island In Placencia, Belize

Yeah, renting a cool apartment or a house is cool, but have you ever thought about renting an entire island? For $1,190, you and five of your friends can chill all alone on an island where there’s only you and the beautiful Belize nature.


Wilton Castle In Bree, Ireland

“Wilton castle is a 19th century castellated residence set on the banks of the Boro River specializing in luxury accommodation in the sunny south-east of Ireland.” Of course, this luxurious experience comes at its own price. Being one of the most expensive Airbnb’s on our list, this castle costs $1,434 for one night, but there is a two nights minimum stay. If it makes you feel any better, you can come here with 13 of your friends. After all, it is a castle.

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Cubehouse is definitely an architectural masterpiece. Located in the center of Rotterdam, this Airbnb allows you to experience what it’s like to live in a house that is built by experimenting with traditional understanding of architecture. One night at this place costs $201.


Ilulissat Blue Guesthouse In Ilulissat, Greenland

Not everybody wishes to spend their holidays toasting up in the sun. So, if you’re one of those people who’d much rather enjoy watching icebergs, an Airbnb in Greenland is the perfect spot for you. One night at this magical winter wonderland will cost you around $165.


Cabana Floripa In Florianopolis, Brazil

“Floripa house is a space that seems to levitate on the mountains thanks to its glass walls that allow you to enjoy a 360 degree view over the territory. It was conceived with ecological awareness and the idea of reusing materials. This place is full of magic. If you are interested in recycling, nature, and art, this is the right house for you.” One night at this sustainable place costs $190 for 5 people.


Castle Near Siena, Italy

Castello di San Fabiano Airbnb offers an unforgettable stay at this incredible Airbnb, and they even spoil you with breakfast from local produce. This Airbnb costs $187 for one night.


Casa Tiny In Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Located in Mexico, there is this unique tiny house that will help you run away from everything. According to the host, “Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”, Casa Tiny is a place to escape from society, enjoy a simple life for a couple of days, a week or a month in this minimal, low-impact, isolated abode.” One night at this house will cost you $221.


True Plane In Le Haut Village, France

For $118, 4 guests can stay in an actual plane that has been turned into an Airbnb. During the warm season, there is even a swimming pool to take your holiday to the next level!


Romantic Bubble Tent In Tampaksiring, Bali

This place is definitely every Instagrammers dream – from an amazing view to the unique bubble-shaped room and even your own private swimming pool, this place will definitely help you have your dream vacation. Oh boy, if only everyone of us could visit it. But if you’re one of the lucky ones that can actually go on a vacation in Bali, make sure to book this cool Airbnb for $232, and then tell us all how was it.


Zebra Safari Tent In Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

“Watch game from your accommodation with private deck, fire pit, picnic table and hammock. There 2 delightful bedrooms made of stone canvas and wood, not interlinked, tea and coffee making facilities, en suite bathroom with shower.” This possibility to watch Safari animals running free in nature around you costs $224 for one night.


Cozy School Bus Conversion In Shepherdstown, West Virginia

“It’s a 1997 school bus, not too long, not too short. There is a sofa, table, woodstove and full bed. There is ambient light and electricity on the bus as well as several candles. It has a wood floor and wood wall siding. It’s in a private area of my yard and in the warmer weather, there is a deck attached to the bus for relaxing.” One night at this unique Airbnb costs around $97.


Unique Artist Mirrored House In Pittsburgh

“Large artist’s house and studio located in a tranquil suburb near Fox Chapel. The exterior of the house is covered with mirrors and the interior carries out the mirror theme and includes many original artworks and furnishing.” Unfortunately, currently there are no available times to book this Airbnb.

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